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ATS Group is a multidisciplinary technology group specialized in creating sustainable, innovative and efficient production and working environments by realizing total projects in electro, automation, mechatronics and HVAC.

Our areas of expertise

As a multidisciplinary technology group, ATS Group focuses on 4 pillars:


Electro & Automation

Ever since ATS Group was founded, electrical engineering has been our core business. We cover the entire field from medium voltage to low voltage. ATS Group offers the turnkey solution for your electrical installations and automation processes.



Mechatronics, the combination of mechanics and electronics takes shape in our mechatronics activities. Ranging from customised machine construction to hydraulics, vacuum technology, material handling, piping and cooling technology. 


HVAC & Energy Solutions

Since 2015, this pillar has experienced tremendous growth under the influence of our parent company Luminus. In addition to HVAC installation and HVAC automation, we offer numerous energy services and help our customers in the area of energy efficiency

ATS Distribution



ATS Distribution is the electrical wholesaler within ATS Group. With 5 different affiliates spread out over Flanders and with almost 100 motivated employees, this specialisation of ATS Group has acquired a leading position within the Flemish electrical wholesaling sector. 

ATS Group stands for


Mutual respect and trust are achieved through clear communication. Being approachable by having an open dialogue with customers and employees. In this way, we stand between our people and our customers, and mutual respect is created. A strong commitment to education, environmentally friendly transport and energy-efficient solutions are some of our initiatives in the field of corporate social responsibility


Mastering our profession like no other is the ultimate goal. To achieve this, ATS Group constantly focuses on the in-depth training of its staff. In this context, we have set up the ATS Academy. This not only guarantees the quality of our work, but also the knowledge and skills of our employees. We also strive for continuous improvement in terms of quality, safety, health and the environment.


We strive for a long-term partnership with our customers through co-creation. Thinking along with the customer to bring the assignment to a successful conclusion, that is where our added value lies!

We use the same project structure across all ATS Group companies, without losing sight of the individuality and freedom of the subsidiaries and employees. This requires a large dose of trust and, in addition to the necessary challenges, it also creates opportunities.


Diversity is ingrained in our DNA. The great diversity of employees, talents, expertise, clients and environments makes us feel at home in many situations. 

The diversity of target groups guarantees the continuity of our activities. 

Our target groups

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ATS Industry


The roots of ATS Group lie in the industry since its inception in 1984. The diversity of activities in different industries is enormous! The knowledge and experience of many processes in different industries makes ATS Group a unique partner for customers to improve the performance of their installations.

ATS Group often puts its expertise at the service of infrastructure companies: from distribution network operators and energy producers to companies active in public water infrastructure. Even in this field, ATS Group has extensive experience.

ATS Gent Langerbruggekaai


ATS Group also offers electrical and HVAC solutions to service organisations and buildings to increase building comfort and improve energy performance, among other things. Many references are available in the healthcare sector, education, public buildings, banks and retail.

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