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Who we are

ATS Group, the group of companies around its parent company A.T.S. nv, is a multidisciplinary technology group with various locations throughout Belgium.

ATS Group offers a total package of high-quality services and products in almost all sectors of industry, the tertiary and public sectors. After years of internal growth, takeovers and consolidations, A.T.S. nv has become a unique technological point of contact for numerous customers.

The HQ of ATS Group is in Merelbeke, and there are also several locations in Flanders and Wallonia.

ATS Group has a team of about 1,000 highly specialized technicians and engineers in various sectors of electrical engineering, mechatronics, HVAC and energy solutions. In 2022, consolidated sales reached nearly 270 million euros.

In 2015, Luminus acquired a majority stake in ATS Group.

Our roots

ATS Group was founded in 1984 by René Schepens, the current chairman of the board of directors. René Schepens was also CEO of ATS Group until 2020. He has shaped ATS Group into what it is today.

Our values

The DNA of ATS Group is contained in the 4 values or foundations. Everything ATS Group stands for is contained in these. We talk about Respect and Trust, Entrepreneurship, Quality and Diversity.

The germ of all this is contained in the policies that our founder, René Schepens, made his own in his own way.  

DNA String ATS Group


Mutual respect and trust are achieved through clear communication. Being approachable by having an open dialogue with customers and employees. In this way, we stand between our people and our customers, and mutual respect is created. A strong commitment to education, environmentally friendly transport and energy-efficient solutions are some of our initiatives in the field of corporate social responsibility


Mastering our profession like no other is the ultimate goal. To achieve this, ATS Group constantly focuses on the in-depth training of its staff. In this context, we have set up the ATS Academy. This not only guarantees the quality of our work, but also the knowledge and skills of our employees. We also strive for continuous improvement in terms of quality, safety, health and the environment.


We strive for a long-term partnership with our customers through co-creation. Thinking along with the customer to bring the assignment to a successful conclusion, that is where our added value lies!

We use the same project structure across all ATS Group companies, without losing sight of the individuality and freedom of the subsidiaries and employees. This requires a large dose of trust and, in addition to the necessary challenges, it also creates opportunities.


Diversity is ingrained in our DNA. The great diversity of employees, talents, expertise, clients and environments makes us feel at home in many situations. 

The diversity of target groups guarantees the continuity of our activities. 



ATS strives to build long-term relationships with its customers through an approach of co-creation and thinking along with the customer. Through early involvement in the customer's long-term plans, we can focus our mutual approach on that. This cooperation should result in innovative solutions and developments with a clear and measurable added value.

In this context, ATS also invests in tools and software to simulate the production process. This enables us to demonstrate, even before commissioning, that the proposed solution will be efficient and of high quality.


Since 2015, Luminus has held a majority stake in ATS Group. Luminus is number one in onshore wind power and hydroelectric power and offers its customers innovative and green energy solutions.

Through their subsidiaries, Luminus offers customers new solutions to reduce their energy consumption andCO2 footprint.



SHEQ, or "Safety, Health, Environment & Quality". The safety and health of all our employees and care for the environment and quality have long been basic values within the ATS Group and are essential to the success of our company. 

Corporate Social Responsibility

ATS Group is highly committed to the society in which people live and work. Social commitment, safety, health and the environment are taken into account to a great extent in daily company policy. In practice, this commitment to CSR translates into very concrete actions:

Greening of the vehicle fleet
All trucks for site traffic run on natural gas.
Patronage project St Peter's Abbey Gent
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