Corporate Social Responsibility

Corporate Social Responsibility

ATS Group is highly committed to the society in which people live and work. Social commitment, safety, health and the environment are highly considered in our day-to-day business policies. This earned us a silver EcoVadis certification. 

In practice, this commitment to CSR translates into very concrete actions:

Silver EcoVadis score

EcoVadis evaluated A.T.S. nv's sustainability policy at the end of 2023. This earned us a score of 59/100, or a silver medal.

The average of companies evaluated by EcoVadis, in 160 countries and 200 sectors, is around 50/100. Within our activity sector, more than half of the companies score less than 45/100. With our score, we are in the 73rd percentile. In our sector, we are in the top 17%.

ATS bee colonies

In partnership with Nectarist, ATS Group is committed to fighting bee mortality. The bee population, which is essential for nature, is not having an easy time of it. To help maintain biodiversity, we placed two hives at our Merelbeke site. The adopted bee colonies are cared for on a periodic basis. In addition, tailoring companies are used for the production of the hives and in honey harvesting.

We sell the honey harvested from this every year to benefit a charity. In 2022, that charity was Studio Nona. That is an organization within the Children's Cancer Fund that organizes musical home moments for seriously ill children.

Cooperation with schools

All technical specializations within ATS Group have a strong need for technical profiles. To respond to that need, ATS Group works closely with educational institutions. From primary education to higher education and university, even adult education, we try to actively cooperate with schools and support various initiatives. This always with the same objective: "instilling the love of the trade" and increasing a qualitative influx of employees.



Every year, ATS Group organizes the ATS Run in cooperation with the Municipality of Merelbeke, the Rhode & Schelde Police Region and Athletics Association Merelbeke. This run is primarily a recreational relay run. It is therefore the perfect opportunity to take on this sporting challenge with one or more teams!

In addition, a KIDS Run (4x625m relay per 4 kids) and individual runs of 5 km and 10 km will also be organized for individuals who do not get to a full team.

The integral proceeds of the ATS Run always go to regional charities. 

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