Cooperation with education

Cooperation with schools

All technical specialisations within ATS Group have a strong need for technical profiles. To meet that need, ATS Group works closely with educational institutions.

From primary education to higher education and university, even adult education, we actively try to cooperate with schools and support various initiatives. This is always with the same objective: to instil a love of the trade and to increase a qualitative influx of employees.

ATS Group Collaboration with education

Primary education

We target 5th and 6th year pupils through a partnership with the "Techniekacademie", which is part of the Flemish Government's STEM action plan. It organises workshops for 10- to 12-year-olds and wants to make a clear link with the business world in order to convince boys and girls that a technical diploma is a guarantee for future opportunities.

ATS Group supports this initiative and offers these students company visits with an instructive do-moment. During this moment, they can already taste an activity that is directly linked to electrical engineering.

In addition, we also got the Lego studio of the Merelbeke Atheneum off the ground. STEM is used here from kindergarten onwards.

Secondary education

Cooperation with technical schools is already very extensive. Many initiatives have been taken and are still growing. In the near future, these initiatives will also be extended to ASO directions.

Initiatives focus on company visits, internships and student jobs.

Company visit ATS Group

Company visits

Through company visits and a hands-on event, we let secondary school students actively participate in our production areas. For many, this is a positive experience and a first introduction to the job of an electrician. Would you also like a company visit? Then fill in the request form.



Internships are an integral part of technical education. Through a thorough contact with the student, the school and ATS, the student gets a first instructive experience on the work floor. Internships can be requested via the contact form.                                                                                          

Jobs for students ATS Group

Student jobs

ATS offers jobs for students who are following a technical education or who have a technical background. A  student job during the holidays can only be applied for if the student is already 18 years old or turns 18 in the year the job is done. You can apply for a holiday job via the link below.

Higher Education ATS Group

Higher and university education

We also organise company visits for college and university students and offer master's and bachelor's degrees. If you really want to get a taste of a job in the world of electrical engineering and mechanics, apply for a student job during the holidays!

Tailor-made company visits

On request, we organise a customised company visit for your students. We give the floor to specialists, deal with themes that are of interest to you, take on a project from A to Z, go deeper into the training path and the growth path that school-leavers follow with a possible recruitment, .... Your wish is our command. Through a preliminary discussion, we determine what programme your students will receive during the visit.

Master's theses / Bachelor's theses

Every student wants an exciting and instructive internship and every company wants a motivated intern. This is the only way to make it a period that is interesting for both parties. To be able to offer this to the intern / thesis student, the number of students who qualify is limited. In return, we guarantee a unique internship experience or thesis topic, making it a nice reference on any CV.

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