Safety, Health, Environment & Quality

The safety and health of our employees and care for the environment and quality have long been basic values within the ATS Group and are essential to the success of our company. 

The policy on safety, health, environment and quality is not an end in itself, but forms an integral part of the general company policy. 

These basic values, together with our other values such as respect, entrepreneurship, diversity and quality, were also given shape in the ATS Group policy statement.

VCA** ATS Group

Safety and Health

The challenge for ATS Group's prevention policy lies in controlling the great diversity of risks to which our employees are exposed. Getting to grips with these risks requires not only a well-functioning system, but also thorough training and, above all, close collaboration between all the stakeholders. So everyone does their bit to prevent accidents.

Thanks to our VCA safety management system, we have a solid foundation on which to build to guarantee the well-being of our employees. By investing every day at all levels of the organisation, ATS Group maintains a corporate culture in which safety awareness is always a top priority.


Within our organisation, constant quality control is present in the execution of our projects. A.T.S. nv is therefore ISO 9001 certified.

All project processes are controlled in a generic way. This way, projects can be implemented efficiently and effectively and meet all customer requirements.

ATS Energy Solutions


ATS Group invests in energy-efficient and high-tech solutions to contribute to a healthier living environment.

The great diversity of knowledge and possibilities within our group means that our new and renovated buildings are always equipped with the latest in energy technology.

The cream of the crop: our site at Langerbruggekaai, where we fully implemented our vision of "Smart Buildings": including useful applications of solar energy and BESS (Battery Energy Storage System).

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