Report channel

ATS Group reporting channel - whistleblower procedure

Ethics and integrity are central to ATS Group's business operations. This means that every person involved with ATS Group (management, employees, etc.) makes a loyal and good faith commitment.

This includes the moral obligation to report any reasonable suspicion of misconduct, illegal acts or negligence related to ATS Group.

The establishment of a whistleblower procedure is an important element for ATS Group to identify corrupt, illegal or undesirable behavior. Employees and third parties are encouraged to report any suspicion and ATS Group wishes to provide a safe and reliable platform to do so.

ATS Group is committed to a transparent corporate culture in which it is encouraged to report potential fraud, bribery, corruption or any other illegal behavior at an early stage and without any fear of reprisal. The whistleblower procedure guarantees to whistleblowers that they will be treated fairly and that their allegations will be investigated correctly and objectively.

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