ATS Antwerp - Wijnegem

ATS Antwerp - Wijnegem

ATS Antwerp: One stop shop for electrical engineering and automation. ATS Antwerp originated as an electrotechnical wholesaler for the industry in Antwerp and the Kempen region. To complete its range of services for industry, ATS Antwerp now also handles industrial electrical projects, automation, software, engineering and sign construction. ATS Antwerp has 2 branches: Wijnegem and Herenthout.
ATS Antwerp
ATS Antwerp ATS Distribution


Bijkhoevelaan 10
2110 Wijnegem
BE 0404.625.602

Opening hours

Mon - Fri:
8h - 12h and 13h - 17h

A 24-hour emergency service is available to customers.

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