Vacuum lifters

Vacuum lifters

A vacuum lifting system - ergonomic and efficient!

Goods are still too often moved manually nowadays.

Operators are still dragging thousands of kilos of boxes, bags, plates, rolls, barrels, etc. every day.

As a result, many companies have to cope with employees often being off sick with back complaints.



The purpose-designed installation of a vacuum lifting system results in the following benefits:

•Less sickness absence - operators are spared back problems.
•Work is done more efficiently - operators are less quickly tired.
•Greater job satisfaction - operators enjoy their work more so are more productive.


Why choose ATS-Logitrans?  


High quality and ISO-certified  

The TAWI lifting systems guarantee high quality. Far-reaching product innovation and R&D guarantee you a state-of-the-art vacuum lifter.

If you opt for ATS-Logitrans, you are choosing the flexibility of an SME combined with ATS Groep's stability and certainty.

This combination guarantees you an excellent after sales service and an enduring long-term relationship.


Flexible financing in line with the customer's needs  

Our years of expertise guarantee you a solution adapted to the needs of your product and environment!


Fast service   

Do you have a technical defect?

You will want to be helped out as quickly as possible!

Our competent technicians are always standing by ready to quickly remedy any problems.

Service guarantee

100% service

If you entrust your project to ATS Group, we also take care of the after sales service. We look after the maintenance for you: 24 hours a day. 7 days a week. Ask for the possibilities concerning maintenance contracts.

Interested? Questions?

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