Revamping en optimization feed mill installation

For a feed mill company in Switzerland, named Egli, the department Software Development of ATS Groep realized the revamping and optimization of the complete feed mill installation.

Egli provides nutritional concepts for breeding pigs and piglets, dairy and beef cattle, laying hens and broilers. The company is committed to a high quality of their products, tailored to individual customer needs.

Since 1998, ATS Groep has become their automation partner. Existing drives (ABB MP200 / 1) needed to be extended. 5 years later, the ABB MP200 / 1 needed to be replaced by an ABB AC450 be.

In 2005 ATS took on the same site a new business tower in service, consisting of two press lines and a bulk station.In 2005, at the same location, a new production tower has been taken into service. This tower consisted out of two press lines and a bulk station. 


Recently, the first phase in the new project, the original production unit needed to be renewed. There was a successful conversion of AC450 to S7 including other expansions.


The next phase consists of the renovation of bulk station 1. The final phase consists of the renovation of press lines 1 and 2, a line flakes and dryer installation.