Smooth replacement of PLCs guarantees Balta certainty

At the Balta site in Avelgem, ATS recently replaced the PSS 3000 PLCs from Pilz with their successor, the PSS 4000.

The devices had a service life of almost two decades. Thanks to the smooth cooperation with Pilz and Balta, the replacement was completed in barely a week.

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Balta is a leading manufacturer of textile floor coverings. The listed company has 3,838 employees worldwide, produces in nine locations and exports its products to 136 countries worldwide. In the Avelgem site - a huge 141,500 m² production facility - the Balta Home line, among others, is manufactured, a range of machine-woven carpets in all possible designs and colours.

The installation in Avelgem for processing ignition coils is very robust and has already many years of operation under its belt. Just like the control cabinets and the components in them, such as the Pilz PLC type PSS 3000. Despite this flawless operation, Balta wanted to update to the new PSS 4000 because the availability of spare parts could become a problem in the future.

ATS replaced a total of 12 PLCs. The main safety devices connected were the emergency stop buttons, 11 safety light curtains and safety contacts. In total, several hundred I/Os were involved.

Wilfried Salomez is maintenance coordinator of the production facility in Avelgem: "We turned to ATS for project supervision. We are familiar with each other's working methods and in the meantime ATS has become our preferred partner for this type of project. What's more, they have a close working relationship with Pilz, which for the project in Avelgem meant clear added value."

The content of the programming for the new PLCs was a takeover of the existing program, but it was completely rebuilt from scratch in order to avoid conversion errors and to be consistent with the new programming environment. This was done in cooperation with our partner Pilz, who provided training and support for the programming.

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