Hamme police station

"Constructive cooperation based on mutual trust".

In June 2021, the trading fund of Aelectrics in Eke was taken over and incorporated into APS nv. The 12 employees of Aelectrics moved from Eke to Merelbeke and now form a division of APS nv in Merelbeke.

Aelectrics carries out total electricity projects in industry as well as in the tertiary and residential sectors. One of Aelectrics' major projects during the past year was the police station in Hamme.

The Hamme police station houses the Hamme and Waasmunster police zone. The two zones were merged in 2001 with the police reform. In 2006, new buildings were built but 10 years later the building was bursting at the seams and a large extension was needed. In 2016, a new dossier was finally drawn up with plans in which the existing building was subjected to a thorough renovation. The existing section was renovated and a completely new floor was added on top of the existing facilities. An additional challenge in the project was the critical installation: the same building houses the municipal crisis unit for the entire police zone. In the event of a disaster, the building must be operational at all times. They called on Aelectrics for the electrical installation and the corresponding critical installation.

Maria De Sterck, chief constable of the Hamme and Waasmunster police zone since 2017, was not present at the initial drafting of the plans in 2016, but has closely monitored the entire project.

"The whole project was not an obvious one from the tender phase onwards. The plans changed a great deal as a result of changing legislation regarding responsibilities in critical installations (new AREI) and in the area of standards. We wanted a more customer-oriented police reception and, in addition, we wanted to be part of the social evolution towards new energy. All these factors caused a lot of delay, so it is important that you can count on a partner who has the expertise and above all who thinks along with us. After a long tendering phase, we were very pleased that the electrical part of the renovation went to Aelectrics."

André Overdulve from Aelectrics: "We were very pleased to be selected for this project. This project was also a challenge for us on various levels. Firstly, because of the complicated risk analysis in connection with the critical installations that were scattered around. An additional challenge was keeping the budget under control. Through continuous consultation and thinking along with the chief of police and the first commissioner, and by coming up with solutions, we were able to bring this to a successful conclusion."

The electrical part included:

  • Increasing electricity
  • Panel building
  • Low-voltage distribution
  • Lighting: LED lighting with dali-controls and safety lighting
  • Linking the existing building with the new floor
  • Data network
  • Fire detection
  • Access control
  • Camera surveillance
  • Cabling and grid connection board for PV plant
  • Other parts made according to AREI 2020
  • UPS
  • Large electrical power group that takes over in the event of a power outage

The overall financial picture also went up enormously due to the many changes and extras relating to renewable energy. "The total cost came to one and a half million euros. We have used our reserves in order to be fully up to speed with renewable energy, electric charging points, etc. We are bound by legislation on government expenditure, which involves a lot of rules and therefore also some administrative red tape. If an invoice was not paid on the due date, André kindly reminded us. And he did not immediately send a reminder with additional costs. The respect and trust that existed between the two parties contributed to a successful cooperation," adds Maria.

Hamme police station electrical installation

Hamme police station electrical installation

Hamme police station electrical installation

Hamme police station electrical installation

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