Foreign start-up in coronation times

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Making technological processes in a company run smoothly. In essence, the task of a process automation specialist sounds simple. But making seemingly small adjustments to push products through complex installations more efficiently, more qualitatively and more sustainably requires a great deal of expertise.

Drawing, designing, programming, testing, adjusting... ATS' Automation BU has been growing with its clients' level of automation since the 1980s. How do they make the difference? With a highly motivated team.

The challenges at corona , however, were not insignificant:

  • travel restrictions
  • quarantine measures
  • outright lockdowns (often even stricter than in Belgium)
  • delays in projects ...

But even in these difficult circumstances, the Automation Team received an excellent report from chocolate manufacturer Barry Callebaut.

Barry Callebaut company building

Start-up automation project India

Bromo volcano Indonesia

Team photo Smart Building Solutions

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