ATS realisation digitisation

ATS Batch application at Christeyns Gent

ATS was responsible for the development and implementation of the digitalisation of production at Christeyns. Christeyns is an international player in the chemicals market.

Expertise:Industrial automation, digital solutions

Application of digital solutions at Christeyns

The batch application developed by ATS was chosen for the digitalisation of production. The batch application consists of a number of standard functionalities that are always adapted to the needs of the customer.

This application has a link with the ERP system of the customer. The batch orders, consisting of the bill of materials (BOM) and instructions, are sent from the ERP system to the batch application. The data (measured weights, lab results, instruction answers, ...) of the executed batch is sent back by the batch application.

For the execution of a batch, there is communication with the PLC for the control of e.g. dosages, mixers, reaction times, ... For the interaction with the operator, there is an interface to show instructions, confirm manual actions and enter lab results, among other things.

In order to make the instructions and the progress of production visible not only in the control room, it was decided to install a number of large-screen dashboards in production.

ATS realisation digitisation
ATS realisation digitisation

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