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EOC Relighting plan

Relighting plan eases energy bills for EOC.

The EOC Group implemented an ambitious relighting plan at its sites in Oudenaarde and Evergem. The result is less downtime, less maintenance and considerable energy savings. ATS was responsible for the calculations, the installation and the automation. ATS' parent company, Luminus, took on the financing.

End customer:EOC
Location:Oudenaarde and Evergem

EOC Group, internationally active producer of chemical products.

The EOC Group, which has grown from a family business to a global player, is an internationally active producer of chemical products with 350 employees. The broad product range, ranging from latex and adhesives to polymers, finds its way into very diverse industrial sectors. We come into contact with their products every day, without knowing it. Besides production, EOC has its own logistics centre for a flexible distribution of their products worldwide. More info: www.eocgroup.com

Relighting plan EOC Oudenaarde

In the past, fluorescent lighting was used, but it caused a lot of problems such as failure due to wear. The fluorescent lighting was also not controlled in any way, resulting in a lot of useless consumption. Especially if you know that both plants have 275kW of lighting, which is a considerable energy cost.

They wanted to switch to LED lighting and ATS developed a customised proposal. A pilot project on the site at Oudenaarde in a warehouse space allowed a before and after situation to be measured. The results spoke for themselves: energy savings of no less than 62%. The signal was clear: the relighting plan would be rolled out at the sites in Evergem and Oudenaarde .

Funding via Luminus

An investment of 2,300 indoor light points and 500 outdoor light points takes a big bite out of the budget. EOC therefore opted for a clever form of financing on the recommendation of ATS.

"It is Luminus that takes care of the investment, we pay them a monthly amount. This has the advantage for us that we don't have to make a peak investment, but can still reap the benefits of reduced energy consumption." Patrick Schellinck - Electrical Maintenance EOC Group.

More information: www.luminus.be

Wago Light Management

WAGO Light Management was used in this solution for EOC. This intelligent lighting control solution uses the combination of predefined hardware and easy-to-use software for the planning and commissioning of new lighting systems. Learn more about WAGO Light Management at www.wago.com.


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