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Customer:ATS Group
End customer:ATS Group

ATS Gent, site Langerbruggekaai.

After continued growth of ATS, there was a high need for additional space. The decision was made to purchase new premises at Gent and to centralise machine construction activities there. A building of almost 10,000 m² of workshops and over 2,000 m² of office space. The entire building was stripped, revised and renovated using the most advanced building techniques on the market. As a provider of energy solutions for companies, ATS wants to take a leading role in its own building management and thus play a part in the energy transition of its customers.

Concept: fully integrated building management system in the offices and workshops.

The study, design and installation of the technology and the associated implementation of the building management system were carried out entirely by ATS. In the offices, all techniques such as lighting, heating, ventilation and sun blinds are integrated on a single platform via Siemens turnkey Room Automation. Via presence detection, daylight control and the weather station, all these techniques are activated according to the needs of the moment. All these techniques interact with each other to optimise the comfort of the employees and the energy performance.

In the 9500 m² workshops, presence detection and daylight control for lighting and HVAC are also used in no fewer than 16 operating zones. 

The LED lighting is optimally controlled via the Wago Light Manager with connection to the Desigo CC building automation platform. The same operating zones are also used for heating via gas immersion heaters.

In terms of ecology, there is an extensive rainwater recovery system. All systems are managed by the Desigo CC automation platform.

Battery storage

The site in Gent also invested in a battery storage system or BESS (Battery Energy Storage System). This system can store up to 400kWh of energy in Lithium-ion batteries and was installed to optimise the company's own energy consumption.

The procedure to install a wind turbine with a capacity of 4.5MW on the site is also underway.

Energy management
Energy management

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