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electrical installation pharmacy

APS in Merelbeke played a real home game when it came to the implementation of a very recent total project. For the Heungens Ghyzelings Pharmacy on the Hundelgemsesteenweg in Merelbeke, they were responsible for the entire electrical installation of the new pharmacy and the associated health practice "De Ringvaart".

Since 2020, Geert and Leen, the business owners, have moved into a completely new location with an accompanying health practice, and this within walking distance of the former location.

But before there was talk of a pharmacy with a health practice, a lot had happened: in 1989, Geert Heungens and his wife took over the pharmacy in Merelbeke. Leen was working in the pharmacy and Geert was still working in the pharmaceutical industry at the time. Geert soon returned to the pharmacy and in 2004 they took over a second pharmacy in Gentbrugge. The pharmacy in Gentbrugge soon needed to be rebuilt and that's when they called on the company Van Baeveghem electro. Geert Heungens: "This first cooperation was a success! They had to return relatively little and that says a lot. We were relieved of all our worries, which is an important factor when you take on a project like this."

After the acquisition of the second pharmacy, the ultimate dream was to go multidisciplinary one day and to cooperate with other healthcare providers. But the time had to be right for this. An opportunity also had to present itself for the location, because pharmacies are still subject to the law on establishment. Geert Heungens: "When this property, near our private home and pharmacy in Merelbeke, became available, we immediately started talking to the owner at the time and were able to buy the premises."

The initial plan of renovation was intensively adjusted because it eventually became a complete new building, which had a huge impact on the budget. For the techniques, Geert initially thought of using Van Baeveghem again electro. Van Baeveghem had become APS in the meantime, but the project manager at the time was still on duty.

Geert Heungens: "I took the entire technical side of the story into my own hands and did not use an engineering firm for this. I already knew the project manager, so it was an added value to go back to work with the familiar local people. I could ask a lot of questions and the people from APS thought along with me. The basic plans were adjusted more than once where necessary, because a plan is alive and develops further during the project.

APS: "For the client, energy efficiency was extremely important with two crucial elements:

  • Heating on heat pumps, and not on gas, was the most expedient. The difficulty was in calculating the future power consumption because you are in a completely new situation.
  • Based on this, we had to calculate the number of solar panels and tried to maximise the number. Due to the changes in the legislative framework announced at the time, a lot of flexibility was needed from us to get it inspected and delivered on time. But we finally managed to get everything installed and inspected by the end of 2020."

Besides the complete electrical installation, lighting and data cabling, APS was also responsible for the installation of a double charging station for electric cars. The solar panels were installed by subsidiary Insaver and the fire detection system by Autrosystems.

Geert Heungens: "We deliberately chose to work with local contractors. It is interesting to have contractors who are close by for smooth follow-up and communication. The cooperation with APS went smoothly thanks to their flexibility and great adaptability. For me, APS is a trusted partner that thinks along with you. A correct and smooth cooperation!

electrical installation pharmacy

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