Power quality

Power quality


ATS Groep can carry out a network analysis for you using modern, advanced measuring equipment.

This analysis forms the basis of a comprehensive report.

After the evaluation of the report we develop the most appropriate solution in consultation with you.

This solution can involve utilising one or more of the following products:


• Active filters:

This is the most advanced filter.

It enables simultaneous power factor correction (at 50 Hz) to compensate your network pollution and uniformly share your network flows over the phases.

We offer these appliances for rental so you can assess their efficiency over a test period.



  • Dynamic capacitor batteries:

These batteries activate at great speed (20 msec. or shorter) in a way depending on the type of load. This enables capacity to be freed for short peaks while stabilising your network.    


  • Static capacitor batteries:     

Power factor correction. We offer and install strengthened and/or filtered appliances depending on network pollution.

The choice of the appropriate compensation technology is very important in increasing your energy efficiency and the reliability of your installation, while lowering your energy bill to the extent possible.

We can also ensure that you meet the requirements of the energy supplier relating to COS-phi and other Power Quality parameters. 



Service guarantee

100% service

If you entrust your project to ATS Group, we also take care of the after sales service. We look after the maintenance for you: 24 hours a day. 7 days a week. Ask for the possibilities concerning maintenance contracts.

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