Pallet inverters

Pallet inverters


The pallet invertor - efficient pallet stacking

Why invest in a pallet invertor?

Do you have many damaged pallets? This may make you decide to no longer allow wooden pallets in production. So, investment in a pallet invertor is your best option!

Why choose ATS?

Fast service

You have a pallet invertor with a technical defect? You will want to be helped out as quickly as possible! Our competent technicians are always standing by ready to quickly remedy any problems.

Quality tailored to your needs

We offer you more than 30 years of experience in the production of high quality pallet invertors. With this vast experience we can offer you the best solution for your pallet invertor problem.

Safety first and foremost

All our pallet invertors suffice with regard to all today's stringent safety requirements. The safety guard and optional photocell mean no one can be injured by the machine.

Flexible rental options

Do you only have a temporary need for a pallet invertor? Or would you prefer to spread the costs over a number of years? Enquire about our flexible rental options!

Service guarantee

100% service

If you entrust your project to ATS Group, we also take care of the after sales service. We look after the maintenance for you: 24 hours a day. 7 days a week. Ask for the possibilities concerning maintenance contracts.

Interested? Questions?

Contact us for a quotation, or call us directly at +32 9 210 04 11 and ask your question.