Silver medal at EcoVadis

At the beginning of November this year, A.T.S. nv completed and forwarded a questionnaire on the EcoVadis platform for the3rd time. Through our answers and the uploaded documents, EcoVadis evaluated our sustainability policy, as did more than 100,000 other companies. This gave us a score of 59/100 which EcoVadis rewarded with a silver medal!

To frame this score a bit more; the average of companies evaluated by EcoVadis, in 175 countries and 200 sectors, is around 50/100. Within our sector of activity (electrical installation, plumbing and other building installation), more than half of the companies score less than 45/100. Our score puts us in the 73rd percentile of all rated companies. Within our sector, we are in the top 17%.

What is EcoVadis?

EcoVadis is a platform for evaluating the non-financial performance of companies. To conduct this evaluation, EcoVadis asks companies to complete an online questionnaire that is then analyzed. Public evidence is required with each statement. The questionnaire and the weighting of the themes is prepared based on the sector of activity, country, company size and previous scores. The difficulty level of the questions asked changes each year, allowing the various staff departments involved to take stock of annual achievements, thus encouraging continuous improvement.

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