Region final of the FIRST Lego League

On Friday, Feb. 9, the East Flanders regional final of the First Lego League Challenge, organized by FluxLab in cooperation with ATS, will take place.

The First Lego League Challenge is the competition around computational logic and innovation for children ages 9 through 15. Children are challenged to think like scientists and engineers. Each edition, teams work on an innovation project. In addition, participants learn to build and program a robot.

This edition also features younger elementary school children (first through fourth grade) with a pilot version of the First Lego League Explore. Organized for the first time in Belgium!

More than 30 teams from all corners of the province are competing against each other. These ranged from schools, classes and youth clubs to groups of friends and families. A coach guided the teams through the entire program until the finals.

Team Tectura Gent shows how they are preparing their participation in this competition for tech adolescents. They are bringing their kite-throwing robot (!) - we are as curious as you are!
In addition, you will find numerous STEM initiation workshops: from digital design over game programming to embroidery and CNC - something for every nerd!

Who will represent us at the BeLux final in March? Friday afternoon, February 9, we will know the answer!

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