ATS Run 2022: 3 x €5,000

In the last weekend of June, the ATS Run took place again, after a 3-year hiatus. This 13th edition brought together just over 600 runners.

The ATS Run, organised by ATS Group in collaboration with the Municipality of Merelbeke, Police Zone Rhode & Scheldt, World Runners and Stax, is in the first place a recreational relay marathon (EKIDEN) run by 6 runners who together cover the marathon distance of 42.195 km. The first runner runs 5 km, the second runner 10 km, the third runner 5 km, the fourth runner 10 km, thefifth runner 5 km and the last runner completes the marathon distance with 7.195 km. Prior to the Ekiden, children up to 12 years of age will be at the start for the Kids Run. An individual run will follow in the late afternoon.

Many runners came to Merelbeke to run for charity. This year, all proceeds went to 3 charities:

  • De Scharnier, kidney patient association of AZ Maria Middelares.
  • Studio Nona (part of the Children's Cancer Fund). They organise day activities for terminally ill children.
  • De Triangel, a service centre for people with mental disabilities.

The proceeds realised by our numerous sponsors and participants were doubled by ATS Group! So we were able to donate three times € 5,000 at the end.

Thanks to all runners, sponsors, volunteers and organisers!

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