ATS Group presents the SmartKit

ATS SmartKit Energy Management System EMS

These are challenging times in terms of energy supply. The current energy crisis is impacting just about every sector. Optimizing available energy is more than ever a hot topic. 

How do you deal with this as a company? In general, how do we handle energy smartly? That question arises from medium voltage to automation processes, both in buildings and in (process) industry. And then an energy management system plays a crucial role.

ATS Group wants to provide an answer to this with SmartKit, an energy management system (EMS) developed in-house in collaboration with parent company Luminus. SmartKit is primarily a multidisciplinary energy management tool and focuses on various themes within energy management:

  • Mapping energy flows, trends, major consumers, . ..
  • Optimization of available energy to save costs.
  • Load balancing, Peak Shaving, Smart Charging, ...

The official presentation of SmartKit took place on Tuesday, Nov. 22, at the Communicationoft in Gent.

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