Expertise of ATS Group in 3D

Right from the start, ATS Group made a conscious decision to raise its profile across the board in order to be a unique technological point of contact for numerous industrial customers. This approach has ensured that ATS has also become a fixture in the tertiary sector. Over the years, the areas of expertise have continued to expand and the group has grown in size. And this diversity of technical services also ensures that we are at home in many industries.

Today, we profile ourselves in industry and buildings in 4 pillars:

  • electro & automation
  • Mechatronics
  • HVAC & energy solutions
  • Distribution of electrical components

In the most recent pillar HVAC and energy solutions, we focus on sustainable HVAC solutions on the one hand and energy optimization (Smart Building Solutions, battery systems, PV installations, electric charging points, building management and energy management) at our customers on the other. In this way, we remain true to our vision of raising our profile across the board and remaining a unique point of contact. In short order, a number of HVAC installation companies have become part of ATS Group.

We also continue to invest in attracting new companies to the group. On the one hand to increase our expertise and on the other hand to achieve job security. The stability of the large group combined with the flexibility of an SME forms the starting point and this always with the vision of offering the customer innovative solutions with clear added value based on long-term partnership and co-creation.

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