Realizations by sector


In the automotive sector, ATS Groep has more than 30 years of experience in the areas of process electrical installations, medium and low voltage, material handling and machinery. This experience has given an important dimension to the ATS Groep of…Read more


ATS Groep's growth has mainly been in the industrial sector, but over the last decade the group has been increasingly active in buildings. Besides basic electrical installations, ATS Groep has completed projects in buildings in highly specific…Read more

Construction industry

Tiles, bricks, prestressed concrete, cement, plasterboard,...: the construction industry provides an important contribution to the turnover of ATS Groep. And this both in the fields of electricity, mechanics and distribution. Our hydraulics and…Read more


An important team within the ATS organization is responsible for the transportation, security and linking of major electric power to the grid. Several utility companies, producers of traditional energy and green energy companies (solar and wind) are…Read more


ATS has been involved in automation projects in this sector since the origination of our automation department in 1987. The experience we have accumulated over this period comprises a guarantee for vast knowledge and expertise in the traits…Read more


ATS Groep has carried out projects in hospitals since its birth. Experience in the care sector has grown enormously over the past 10 years. Besides the basic electrical installations, ATS Groep has completed projects in highly specific fields:…Read more

Pharmaceutical industry

Quality and reliability associated with the necessary validation assure the immaculate completion of total projects in this sector. Hence ATS’s current strong growth in this market segment.Read more


Developments in recent decades in the processing of fibres from natural origins to processing fibres with synthetic origins require a great deal of expertise and product knowledge. We have developed this expertise at ATS over the years in…Read more