Industrial vacuum technology

Industrial vacuum and leak detection

With more than 30 years of experience in industrial vacuum technology, we are able to assist you with numerous overall projects in the field of vacuum and leak detection technology. We work together with various suppliers, which allows us to offer brand-independent solutions. 

ATS Industrial Vacuum Technology
ATS Vacuum units, system construction

Vacuum units - Systems building

ATS has many years of expertise in the construction of vacuum units for a wide range of sectors: the pharmaceutical industry, hospitals, the food industry, etc.

After a thorough analysis of your requirements, our vacuum specialists will provide you with a manufacturer-independent proposal.

We select the most suitable technology when proposing an overall solution. The entire engineering and assembly process takes place in our own workshops.

Leak search

In addition, we have a fully-fledged department that specialises in leak detection. Using a tracer gas such as helium or formers (95%N2 and 5%H2), we carry out leak tests as required by an ISO quality system.

In a production environment, we carry out these tests on freon-filled systems and offer solutions for filling and/or recovering these tracer gases or freons.

With advanced equipment, the specialists of our service team also detect leaks in your installations.

For leakage detection, we work with the A-brand Inficon.

Inficon leak detection technology ATS
ATS JW Froehlich leak test

JW Froehlich

A.T.S. nv acts as exclusive distributor for JW Froehlich leak testing equipment in the Benelux. A.T.S. nv forms a contact point for sales, integration in production lines, start-up and commissioning, calibration and service.

Germany's JW Froehlich combines the latest technologies with more than 50 years of experience in the field of leak testing for all kinds of industries. The leak test panels of the 100-500 series and leak test calibrators therefore form a range of flexible and versatile devices tailored to the needs of various industries.

This partnership means a complementary addition to the range of leak detection technology. 

Pump sales

You can contact us for many types of vacuum pumps from different brands. With the vacuum technology department we are active in the pressure range from atmosphere to 10 - 3 mbar Abs.

Our Partners

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Leybold Pumps

ATS Group is a privileged partner for the distribution and maintenance of Leybold vacuum pumps. Leybold has a strong focus on the food and packaging industry and has been on the market for over 170 years.

Sogevac Leybold ATS

Sogevac SV series

Novadry ATS Leybold


Dryvac Leybold ATS


Screwline Leybold ATS


Clawvac Leybold ATS


Vacube Leybold ATS


Diffusion pumps

ATS also does service and maintenance on diffusion pumps. These pumps are mainly used in the coating world and for automotive applications. We work together with HSR for this. You can also contact us for spare parts for these pumps! 

ATS diffusion pumps HSR

Service & Maintenance

You can also come to us for maintenance, service and repairs. We have a large stock of spare parts, exchange and rental equipment for the replacement of pumps for overhaul. Be sure to contact us and we will see how we can work out a tailor-made proposal.


A.T.S. nv is in possession of a Kowel certificate. This makes us an authorized service center for repairs and maintenance of the full range of vacuum pumps, the KDP series and the KDPH series of Kowel.

We only use original parts for repairs and revisions. Moreover, everything is performed according to Kowel regulations (service manuals, product data sheets, VCN documents, ...).


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