Experienced robot integrator

ATS has built up considerable expertise in the integration of robots into your automation projects in a wide range of sectors. Not only the programming of the robot, but also the engineering of the robot gripper tailored to the application and customer needs.

The accumulated expertise in the area of robot integration is concentrated on the following brands:

Dessinateur/ingénieur junior
ATS Group Marganne

Complete integration

After thorough analysis, our technicians develop robot solutions that guarantee optimum performance and stand out through clarity, flexibility and usability. They always deliver professional work, from engineering through installation to after-sales service, and have many years of experience in integrating robot applications in the fields of gluing, packaging, palletising, material handling, etc.

We integrate not only the robot, but also all internal transport systems that go with it into the project. A single point of contact who manages the entire project ensures that the customer is relieved of all worries from A to Z.

Integration of cobots

ATS has a partnership with Industrial Cobotics for the distribution of cobots from Universal Robots. The expertise of both ATS Group and Industrial Cobotics ensures that we are the appropriate partner for both large and small cobot projects.

Industrial Cobotics
Cobot Universal Robots

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