Industrial washing and drying installations

Manufacturer of Cretel washing and drying machines

ATS is the manufacturer of Cretel industrial washing and drying machines and is exported worldwide through an international dealer network. The washing and drying machines are mainly used in the following sectors:

Whether it is pallets, crates, trays, containers or other products that need to be cleaned, we always look for the most appropriate solution.

Visual cleanliness is no longer enough; microbiological contamination is a risk factor that can only be controlled by using a professional system.

ATS Cretel Washing & Drying Systems

Stand-alone or full lines?

Depending on the capacity, a stand-alone washing system or a modular washing installation is chosen.

The stand-alone washing machines have a capacity of 80 crates to 400 crates per hour. The modular washing installations can clean up to 3400 crates per hour.

Every situation requires a customised cleaning solution. Our specialists will be happy to advise you!

Our strengths:

  • Precision tailoring and customer focus.
  • Material selection according to common industry standards.
  • Turnkey solutions for complex washing and cleaning problems.
  • Besides traditional tunnel washers, Cretel also offers cabin and trolley washers, complemented with drying systems, inverters, stackers, etc.
  • We minimise water, energy and chemical consumption.
  • High-performance dry-blowing system with low energy consumption, using airknives connected to the high-pressure fans.
  • High-performance PLC controls are possible: definition of work parameters, specific to the object to be cleaned, with monitoring, recording and reporting if required, ...
  • Machines for every user: from 100 to 4000 crates per hour.
  • Design and production of auxiliary equipment such as (de)stackers, transport systems, automation, ...

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