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ATS Group has more than 20 years of experience in hydraulic systems. We engineer and assemble hydraulic groups, systems and controls. With our years of know-how and expertise we offer:

ATS hydraulic group

New installations

For new hydraulic installations, we determine the concept based on the customer's requirements and demand. Depending on the application, we choose a certain hydraulic system; open centre, closed centre, flow sharing or hydrostatic

Due to the wide range of mechatronic expertise in the group, we can offer turnkey projects with the addition of mechanical engineering, electrical control panels and the corresponding automation.

ATS Hydraulic groups

Hydraulic power units

ATS Manifolds and valves

Manifolds and valves

hydraulic cylinder



New projects

We have extensive experience in large machine construction projects such as cutting machines, pull benches, etc. including hydraulic and electrical engineering, mechanical assembly and automation.

The project shown here is the result of synergies between the different areas of expertise within the ATS Group:

Collaboration with Argo-Hytos

ATS Group works closely with Argo-Hytos in the development of the hydraulic market in the Benelux. This way we offer an even better service, shorter delivery times and a very complete range of hydraulic pumps. Moreover, we make an effort towards the market with training courses, complete assemblies and innovation days.

Are you looking for a tailor-made solution for your hydraulic project?

A specialised team is available for professional advice.


An extensive service and maintenance department is available for numerous repairs, interventions and preventive maintenance. This can be done on a regular basis or via tailor-made maintenance contracts.

ATS repairs hydraulic installations


ATS Hydraulics overhauls


ATS Oil Control

Oil control

ATS Hydraulics Study Service

Study service

Hydraulic components & spare parts

Looking for a reliable supplier of hydraulic spare parts and components? We offer a complete range:

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