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Focus on smart buildings

Buildings account for 40% of energy consumption in Europe. If we want to achieve the climate objectives, we must therefore make the buildings a lot more energy efficient. And building automation plays a crucial role in this: making techniques communicative and combining them with logging and monitoring. Result: a smart building that offers comfort with a CO2-neutral footprint!

ATS Smart Building Solutions keeps its finger on the pulse of all the trends in Smart Buildings. In the past, our role was limited to developing an HVAC system at the request of the installer. Today, we think along with the installer about how we can automate your building in the best possible way for efficient operation.

What makes a building smart?

Two elements play a crucial role: on the one hand, the availabletechniques, or part of them, must be integrated in such a way that they can communicate with each other. On the other hand, they must be able to learn from their experiences. We therefore always construct building management systems in such a way that they can log.

The more data they collect, the more insights they will distil over time to fine-tune the interplay of these different techniques.

ATS HVAC Automation

ESCO projects

ESCO companies make the move to smart buildings a lot easier for their customers. These companies carry out energy projects for their customers and also finance them themselves. The energy savings realised are then used to pay off the installation. ATS Smart Building Solutions also collaborates on energy projects of ESCO companies. For this we often work together with our parent company Luminus.

ATS SmartKit for analysis and visualization

Once all techniques are integrated with a building management system, all information is analyzed and visualized in clear dashboards with the in-house developed ATS SmartKit.

With this tool, ATS Smart Building Solutions has a tool to monitorany building remotely.

It is then very easy to monitor how a building is performing and where it can be improved. This is crucial in order to realise the projected savings.

ATS Smart Tool reporting

Own site in Gent sets a good example

To show customers today what is possible, ATS has turned its own company building in Gent into its calling card. Lighting, sun blinds, fire detection, intruder protection, access control, heating, ventilation, electric charging points, hot water production, battery system, ...

Everything works from a single platform to which external data such as weather forecasts is also added.

To show you the power of a building management system, you can request a visit via the link below.

HVAC system integrator

As an HVAC system integrator, ATS Group has the expertise to make your building smart: integration of all techniques in a building management system and letting them communicate with each other, combined with logging and monitoring; you can count on us.

When integrating an HVAC system, we take into account the customer's requirements, the specific situation, the application, etc. For this reason, ATS Smart Building Solutions has experience in the integration of various systems.

Find out more about all the possibilities in HVAC building automation and Smart Buildings on our website.

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