HVAC building automation

HVAC system integrator

As an HVAC system integrator, ATS Group has the expertise to make your building smart: integration of all techniques in a building management system and letting them communicate with each other, combined with logging and monitoring; you can count on us.

When integrating an HVAC system, we take into account the customer's requirements, the specific situation, the application, etc. For this reason, ATS Smart Building Solutions has experience in the integration of various systems.

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ATS Study and design HVAC control

Complete study and design of HVAC control

Based on our expertise in building automation, we can support installers, engineering consultants and end customers in all phases of the construction process, from the study and design phase to the implementation and operation phase. This applies to both new construction projects and renovations.

Tailor-made integration

In projects, whether new construction or renovation, we make your buildings SMART.

One of the most important techniques we use for this are the links and integrations of the various systems and techniques set up in the project.

In order to achieve optimal integration, ATS can draw on years of extensive experience as a system integrator.

Do you want a tailor-made HVAC controlling systems? A smart building?

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