HVAC installation

Strong installation companies form strong HVAC pillar

To make buildings, whether residential or industrial, future-proof, they must first and foremost be sustainable. This increases the importance of HVAC techniques, but also the complexity and need for automation. For this reason, ATS Group has developed a fully-fledged HVAC pillar in order to relieve customers of all their worries in this entire area.


Our HVAC companies install heating in private homes as well as in offices and industrial buildings. In an industrial or office environment, the heating sources are also central heating boilers or heat pumps. These are much larger and require a real boiler room. We heat spaces with traditional radiators or floor heating, but also with radiant panels, air ducts or climate ceilings.

In environments where both electricity and heat are needed continuously - such as hospitals, care institutions, swimming pools, etc. - a combined heat and power ( CHP) system can be an interesting solution.


Ventilation ensures the renewal of the air present in a room. A quantity of new outside air is brought in and an equal quantity of old air is extracted.

We install small, large and very large air groups for all kinds of applications, in offices, schools, hospitals and other buildings. 

Nowadays, ventilation and changing indoor air are a hot topic. Our consultants can advise you on the most sustainable solution.

Air Conditioning

We are also an experienced partner in comfort cooling. Today, conditioning a room has evolved into providing the right temperature and humidity, both in summer and winter. 

We install air conditioning units. Via an outdoor and an indoor unit, rooms are cooled to a comfortable temperature by means of cooling pipes. Today, this cooling cycle technology is also used in the heat pump, one of the heating sources of the future.

Our companies are certified as refrigeration companies and take care of the corresponding refrigeration accounting.


We are also responsible for all plumbing work: pipes, water supplies for showers, toilets, washbasins, etc., up to correctly dimensioned drains for both new buildings and renovation projects.

We also install pumps, filters and water softeners.

ATS Group Daikin Super Dealer

Comfort cooling

Your office, business premises, home, ... must feel pleasant throughout the year, whether that is with a cool breeze in the summer or a cosy warmth in the winter. We are Daikin Super Dealer and you can contact us for delivery, installation and maintenance of all Daikin appliances.

Logbook portal

We centralise and digitise all information about refrigeration systems in a logbook for our customers. 

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