Conventional panels

All types of low-voltage switchboards

ATS Group can supply any type of low-voltage switchboard for a wide range of applications. 

Some of the possibilities:

ATS Panel Building
ATS Group Energy Distribution Board Building

Energieverdeling < 1600 A

In line with the standard IEC 61439, ATS can carry out design verification by calculation and assessment up to 1600A. For high current applications design verification can only be done by lab testing and we use power distribution boards.
Our power distribution units are always designed, assembled and tested according to IEC 61439.

Special attention is paid to electrical safety and temperature management of the facility.

Control devices for machines and processes

Every control panel is unique, including yours. That is why each individual product requires all the expertise and attention it deserves during design, production and testing.
Our specialists will be happy to advise you on the realisation of your control system and this for switchgear and control systems for machine construction, line automation, complete production processes and DCS systems.

ATS Control panels

Motor controllers - Drive control

ATS is able to offer you both standard and high-end solutions. We have extensive expertise in controlling asynchronous and linear servo-motors using conventional or bus technology.
The necessary provisions are always made to achieve the
desired Safety Performance Level.

HVAC panels

Your HVAC control box will be designed according to the latest technical developments and produced in accordance with current standards and legislation.
Our Business Unit Smart Building Solutions has a lot of
experience with a wide range of control equipment from various
manufacturers including: Priva, Siemens, ... These are built into control panels by our technicians on a daily basis.

ATS Server Cabinets

Server cabinets

We are also responsible for the construction of server cabinets for IT rooms and data centres.
The necessary measures and facilities to increase operational safety are designed, built and tested in consultation with the customer.
Climate conditioning is an essential part of this.

PV grid decoupling panels

ATS Group is also responsible for the design and manufacture of PV grid decouplers. Ranging from 10kW compact units to tailor-made grid decouplers of more than 2MW, with or without regulated power limitation of the fed back energy.

Partly due to our cooperation with various grid operators, our grid decoupling panels can be supplied to PV installers at short notice in accordance with the applicable standards and with approved grid decoupling relays.

ATS decoupling panel
ATS Process analyzers

Process analyzers and electro-pneumatic devices

The process analysis cabinets can be found in all disciplines of industry, from chemicals to food, from pharmaceuticals to automobiles. Various measuring instruments are carefully and thoughtfully integrated into a suitable housing and provided with the necessary tubing via flexibles, stainless steel or Cu.
The electro-pneumatic boards centralise the control units for the pneumatic actors in your process. These combine the valve islands, filter pressure regulators, pressure gauges with the necessary couplings, manifolds and flexible tubing.

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ATS Electrical Panels:

Our people

A team of experienced employees is worth its weight in gold. That is why we continuously invest in thorough training and further education. Our dynamic team of engineers and technicians is constantly kept up to date with the latest technological developments in order to be able to assist you even better in the development and implementation of your projects.

Our passion

We like to share our passion with you. Our philosophy can be summarised as follows: "thinking and doing together" and "better" if possible. That is why our people search for the best approach together with you. Our teams do not shy away from a challenge and we do this together with you as our partner.

Our quality

Our knowledge, experience and constant concern for quality guarantee a reliable and efficiently executed product. Moreover, we make thorough use of the most recent engineering tools.
You can build on us. It is this combination of people, machines and knowledge that enables us to be the best at what we do.

Our service

Our concern does not stop with the delivery of a low-voltage distribution and control system, but goes much further.
ATS Electrical Panels wants to continue to guarantee
the continued operational reliability of your switchboards.

ATS Panel Building

Production hall ATS Electrical Panels

All electrical switchboards are produced in the production hall of ATS Electrical Panels, a state-of-the-art production hall of 4,000 m² in Kruisem. From design, mechanical assembly, cabling, assembly to testing. The entire process from A to Z is monitored by our own people. 

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