Industrial electric heating solutions

The electrothermic department of ATS Group is your partner in sustainable electrical heating solutions. We specialise in pipe heat exchangers, various batteries (steam, water and air), furnaces and incubators, and earth and brake resistors.

Therefore, we exclusively represent in Belgium some global market leaders such as Dynisco, Elstein Gmbh, Cetal SA, Ihne&Tesch Gmbh, Hotset Gmbh, Tematec Gmbh and Eltherm Gmbh.


ATS electrothermia

Customised heating resistors

In addition, we have our own workshop where electrical resistors are made quickly and tailor made for our customers under the brand name Ohmewatt.

Applications are mainly in the plastics, machinery, food, process and packaging industries.

Very extensive range:

The range of electrothermia is vast. In this niche expertise, we offer various solutions:

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