Power Quality

Improve the quality of voltage and power in your installation

ATS Power Quality analyses the quality of your electrical power supply and realises complete projects to remedy irregularities. This includes interruption of the supply voltage, deviations in the power or voltage form (so-called harmonic distortion or transients) or a high degree of reactive power loss.

Essentially, we increase the overall reliability of your network. In addition, we often achieve significant cost savings with Power Quality projects.

ATS Analysis power quality voltage drop capacitor bank UPS
ATS Analysis power quality voltage drop capacitor bank UPS

Do you recognise one or more of the following phenomena?

Do these phenomena sound familiar to you? Then ATS Power Quality can certainly offer you a solution. We have already helped many companies with a long-term solution.

Power Quality project approach


In an analysis phase, many factors are examined in the network and in the installation:

Presentation of solutions

On the basis of this analysis, a report is drawn up with the necessary measures to be taken to increase the availability of your installation or to realise energy savings. Possible solutions can be 

Choosing the appropriate compensation technology is important to increase your energy efficiency and the reliability of your installation, preferably combined with reduced energy consumption.

Implementation & delivery

Finally, after consultation with you, we take care of the installation of the correction equipment on your electricity network. Our experienced technicians also correctly dimension the proposed solutions.

In addition to classic capacitor banks to compensate for the reactive power of an electrical installation, our team focuses on high-quality solutions that remove specific distortions from the grid, or on systems that separate sensitive equipment from the grid.

Even after the installation, we take care of the maintenance to ensure the longevity of the equipment.


ATS Emergency power supply UPS Uninteruptable power supply

Emergency power supply

ATS Contactor and thyristor-controlled capacitor bank

Reactive compensation

ATS Total Projects emergency power supply revamping drive trains

Turnkey projects

Do you want the advice of our Power Quality team?

Depending on the cause of the problem, we propose the appropriate solution

in the form of UPS systems, capacitor banks, active filters, battery systems, etc. 

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