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As a network specialist, ATS Group has more than 30 years of experience in the design of complete network infrastructures, network cabling and active network components. Our qualified technicians are responsible for study, installation and maintenance.

Network design

Our network consultants listen to your specific needs and build a network structure based on them. A site plan provides a correct view of the location, the necessary work and the correct positioning of distribution and concentration points.

Your current and future needs are taken into account when designing the cabling system. 

We have extensive experience in providing creative solutions for both simple installations, where all workstation connections are brought together at a central point, and complex LAN networks, where proven WAN technologies or digital infrastructures provide the connections.

ATS Network Infrastructure Design
ATS Glass fibre cabling

Optic fibre cabling

As soon as a data link needs to be installed over a distance of more than 90m, optic fibre is the best solution.

The high bandwidth, high reliability and the possibility of bridging larger distances mean that optic fibre is gaining ground compared to traditional copper cabling.

We take care of installation, assembly, testing and certification.

ATS Copper cabling

Copper cabling

We also offer solutions for your structured cabling, both for an update of existing infrastructures and for new projects. 

We examine the situation together with you and provide a suitable solution with an eye for quality, performance and future requirements. We deliver a copper network in which every cable has been fully tested according to standards.

APS Datanetworking

Active components

We handle the distribution, configuration and placement of active components for LAN and WiFi data networks.

For this we are partners with:

ATS Wifi Networks

WiFi networks

ATS also takes care of the design, roll-out and optimisation of your WiFi network. One of our network consultants will go through your requirements with you and carry out a thorough site survey. We take care of the complete physical cabling works and the installation.

Testing and certification

Testing is the most important step in the construction of a reliable network. We consistently guarantee that the cabling installed complies with the applicable standards and that the required speeds will be achieved. 

Correct measuring and testing requires the necessary expertise and experience. Our employees receive further training at regular intervals to ensure that their knowledge is up to date. We only measure correctly with the right equipment. We invest annually in the renewal of the measuring equipment.


ATS testing and certification

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Data cabinet conversion

A conversion of an overcrowded, sloppy and too shallow 24HE to a 42HE data cabinet in just two days. Is this situation recognisable? Contact us, and together we will upgrade your network infrastructure!

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