Industrial, functional and architectural lighting projects

ATS Group realises various lighting projects for professional applications, both for industrial companies and service providers (indoor and outdoor). We take care of lighting design, lighting study, delivery, installation and project follow-up. 

We regard technical lighting problems as challenges that we will always find expert solutions for. In close cooperation with a select number of manufacturers and importers, we provide support and advice in order to optimally fulfil your needs. Numerous references are available in:

Energy efficiency first!

A lighting study always provides a proposal for saving energy while maintaining or even improving lighting comfort.

Qualified employees study all options, keeping a close eye on operating and maintenance costs as well as return on investment.

This enables you to evaluate new types of luminaires, lamp replacements or functional lighting control systems based on DMX, DALI or KNX.

The study therefore gives you an insight into the possible annual savings and thus into the payback period of the investment.

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