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Fire detection systems Autronica

ATS Group specialises in the study, installation and maintenance of fire detection systems with a view to maximum operational reliability.

For this we work with Autronica, a Norwegian supplier of fire safety systems and a pioneer in addressable fire detection.

We offer you a fire detection system tailored to your company with optimal fire safety and minimal maintenance costs.

ATS Autroprime


Autroprime combines simplicity, quality and functionality in one integrated system for small and medium-sized installations.

Because the control unit is delivered in a pre-configured state, Autroprime is cost-effective and fully functional in minutes. The control unit is set up to automatically recognise the loop units connected to the detection loop and the availability of routing equipment. Site-specific configuration can easily be carried out.

Autroprime is our simple, reliable and flexible fire detection system, offering a high-tech, low-cost alternative to fire detection in applications such as day-care centres, museums, small hotels, office buildings, etc.

The system is approved according to international standards, which provides the efficiency and reliable detection that our customers are used to.

ATS Autrosafe


AutroSafe is a high-end fire detection system for both large and complex installations. Since its launch in 1999, it has proven its unique stability and reliability in more than 15,000 installations worldwide, from hotels to cruise ships to oil platforms

Reliable communication is paramount for safety. That's why AutroSafe runs on AutroNet: an innovative, Ethernet-based network solution that protects communication between panels. AutroNet provides a redundant and fast network that extends the range of the AutroSafe system even further. The system can be deployed in a star or ring network. 

The system is flexible due to its large capacity and because all types of loop units can be connected to the same detection loop. 


Many references are available in industry, warehouses, distribution centres, care sector, education, ...

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