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ATS Group, a group of companies around parent company A.T.S. nv, is a multidisciplinary technology group with several locations across Belgium. ATS Group offers a full range of high quality products and services in almost all sectors of industry, service and public sectors. A.T.S. nv has become, after years of internal growth and consolidations, the technological point of contact for many customers.


A.T.S. was founded in 1984 by current CEO René Schepens. The headquarters of ATS Group are located in Merelbeke. There are also offices in Roeselare, Kruishoutem, Hamme, Lokeren, Gent, Drongen, Ternat, Wijnegem, Erpe-Mere, Ninove, Buggenhout, Herentals and Alleur. ATS Group has a team of more than 800 highly specialized technicians and engineers in various sectors of electrical engineering, mechanical engineering and other disciplines. In 2018, consolidated sales reached over 167 million euro.

In 2015, Luminus acquired a majority share in ATS.




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