Customised internal transport

You can call upon ATS Groep for the design and production of all kinds of internal transport systems in line with your requirements. We transport the most diverse of products in various branches of industry such as the automotive, drinks, chemistry, food, cardboard, steel, distribution sectors, etc. Our installations are available in painted sheet metal, stainless steel or galvanised.


Why choose ATS Groep?

Assembly, service and training

Assembly, maintenance and after sales service are responsibilities of our own technical services.

This includes individual service contracts, fast call-out requests, a telelink service and annual installation maintenance.

Besides the design and construction of installations, we also take care of the training of your personnel, fitters, electricians and staff responsible for software.


A team of outstanding engineers  

Our engineers and technicians are at home in the production and automation world.

They form a team that guarantees a fast and efficient approach to your projects at every level.

Marganne realises custom-made total solutions, including the design, coordination and installation of projects at home and abroad.



Full line control, tracking and tracing, PLC and PC networking, etc.

With the partnership with ATS Groep we dispose of more than 40 software engineers who are always up-to-date on the latest developments with experience in the various fields.

For supervision purposes we implement both standard packages and specific software according to requirements, depending on the applications and requirements.



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Service guarantee

100% service

If you entrust your project to ATS Group, we also take care of the after sales service. We look after the maintenance for you: 24 hours a day. 7 days a week. Ask for the possibilities concerning maintenance contracts.

Interested? Questions?

Contact us for a quotation, or call us directly at +32 9 210 04 11 and ask your question.